6Tour Operators, Travel Agents

BookingB2B is a reliable tool for our Tour Operators and Travel Agents as it increases their market offer, efficiency , sales and revenue!
The BookingB2B  network allows your agency free round the clock access to the online  booking of worldwide hotels and services at competitive rates without any constraints.

BookingB2B for Tour Operators

    A stable platform with a dynamic, quick and intuitive interface, that is a comprehensive solution for tour operators that does not require a heavy financial investment in order to obtain a strong presence in the market.

BookingB2B for Travel Agents

  •     One of the most extensive hotel databases on the market that includes special offers.
  •     Stable platform with a dynamic, quick and intuitive interface.
  •     Individual management of your account, reservations, vouchers, cancellations, payments and invoices. Our model was designed to create and manage complex reservations while offering the best deals on the market.

Benefits of our BookingB2B solutions!

  •     A system designed for Tour Operators to expand your network of travel agencies and affiliates.
  •     The management of your margins and those of your resellers in just one click.

Booking through BookingB2B allows you:

  •     Detailed information on hotel, room and amenity descriptions , photographs and maps.
  •     The stability of the system ensures the confirmation of a reservation.
  •     Assistance provided by a true industry professional.

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